We Are Coworkies.

COWORKIES is helping members of coworking spaces to grow their network and find work opportunities globally. We are a web platform where coworkies (the community of coworkers) can connect with like-minded people to:
- share knowledge
- by opening discussions on targeted topics
- grow their network - by browsing / connecting with coworkers in the same space or even around the city or the world
- look for job opportunities directly from other coworking people


Warm welcome to Coworkies, we are Pauline & Dimitar. Founders and active developers of the platform.
We started our journey in Berlin where Dimitar worked for a startup accelerator and Pauline was managing the space where it was operating alongside other exciting startups from the city. Since then we have been on the startup journey literally. To understand and meet the people we have traveled so far to 37 cities and visited more than 340 coworking spaces.

👇 Here are few links to check our journey and connect with us:

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