[CLOSED] ChillySpaces Coworking Space

[CLOSED] ChillySpaces

ChillySpaces transforms some of the most stylish restaurants in Amsterdam into distinctive, flexible coworking spaces during the day.

Mindspace Herengracht Coworking Space

Mindspace Herengracht

In a UNESCO world heritage Canal House lies Mindspace Herengracht

[CLOSED] Popices Coworking Space

[CLOSED] Popices

Popices: pop-up coworking offices, Amsterdam. We reclaim the unused spaces e.g restaurants/cafes that are closed during the day, and turn them into pop-up coworking offices.


No jobs available here now

Mindspace Dam Coworking Space

Mindspace Dam

Our flagship Netherlands space sits right by Dam Square, and is housed in a magnificent, grand preservation building (formerly a local bank). With Mindspace's imaginative touch, the space is extraordinarily exciting with plenty of space for teams of all sizes to go above and beyond.


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Mindspace House Coworking Space

Mindspace House

The Mindspace house is a boutique exclusive workspace, with a home feel.


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