Based in the center of Athens, Stone Soup is a production house and co-working space where multi-disciplinary individuals gather to co-work, learn and build together. There have been many projects that come to light through our platform - the reason for this is the way we bring people together and let their minds start cooking!

Office spaces are made for teams or individual professionals, just choose to work in the open space or get your own private studio. We have a spacious location, easily accessible area via public transport so you don’t have to worry about parking. Another feature that you will find is an outdoor rooftop space where barbecues are hosted for special occasions. Yum!

Whether you’re a freelance professional, a team, a company or even a student, Stone Soup is where you’ll be able to get work done, hang out and get connected socially. We've got an energetic and vibrant atmosphere where you can work in and the community will keep you focused and creatively active.

Stone Soup is an old folk story with a deep meaning behind sharing and gaining from each other. It’s always better to work and share together. So give Stone Soup a try and see what’s simmering for you here.