KAPTÁR is a community of freelancers and digital nomads in the heart of Budapest, close to everything and everyone. Community office, event space, and official seat for small companies and organizations – or rather a prestigious downtown base for them – meeting space, coaching and off-site place – all in one.
This progressive, friendly place is designed for those who want reliable and quick wi-fi, a central location, natural light and who care about being around a real community of inspiring people – from all over the world.
This is what makes KAPTÁR new and unique: the perfect mix of working from home and from a coffee shop, where you can focus on your job, but you can join our community programs when you feel like it. You don’t have to be lonely anymore to stay independent, and you don’t need to become a cogwheel in a corporate machine to be part of a team. KAPTÁR is the community of freelancers. Your community, if you want it to be.