Have you ever been to a coworking space?

We have.

We have been to a lot of them actually. And it is not always pleasant. Coworking can be crowded, noisy, and expensive. You can feel like working from an overpriced coffee shop sometimes.

That's not what we want.

After settling in Budapest, I decided to open a coworking space that corresponds to what I was craving for during my office hunt. To make sure that I don't mess up the way I'm explaning what I mean by this, you would have to be here and see for yourself what this means exactly. 


I'll try to sum it up.


At The Other WorkSpace, we focus on our members. I want to create a coworking office that is an office, not a café, and at the same time, is a place where you feel at home.

Describing what this means in terms of feelings is hard. Trying to summarize it in bullet points could look like this: 

We focus on:






But that's not all there is to it of course.


I do my best to give all the comfort, quiet, and calm, as well as the services and support to create the best possible conditions in this coworking office.

Of course this includes great Wi-Fi, large desks, a calm environment, a spaced out office, and an affordable price.

You get all the amenities that you need and 24 hour access to the office!

If you've had enough of noisy and crowded shared spaces, and want to work with like-minded people in a place that feels like a real office: 


Come on in and boost your work mood in a focused environment at The Other WorkSpace!