➡️ Have you ever found yourself trying to finish some work on your computer, sitting at home all day, unproductive?

➡️ Have you ever found yourself thinking that you need to get out of your home to get your work done - only to find that cafes were too noisy and crowded, libraries were too bland, and dedicated office spaces were too expensive, difficult to find or corporate.

➡️ Have you ever found yourself needing input from someone else about your work, but didn’t know where to find it?

We have. That is basically the reason why we are building WorkHive.

You could say that what we are building, is YOUR new shared and personal HOME OFFICE and KNOWLEDGE NETWORK outside of your home.
On top of that we are also very very interested in plants and in ‘productivity’, so in addition to a typical coworking space you also get to experience some ‘not-so-typical’ initiatives regarding plants or productivity-enhancement.

WorkHive offers fully flexible office spaces and a conducive environment for you to do your work.
✅ FULL FLEXIBILITY. Pay only for the time you need - 1 hour, 5 hours, 1 week, or maybe 3+ months - the choice is yours.
❤️AN INCLUSIVE COWORKING SPACE. Prices are comparable to existing offers, and we have extra discounts for ‘struggling’ people - students or others who for one reason or another have low income and high ambitions.
❇️ SPACE FOR EVENTS AND COCREATION. Lectures, hackathons, workshops, filmnights, etc.


Create a wonderful world.