Hub Fuerteventura is a community-driven workspace dedicated to tech and digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, bloggers, travelers, surfers, digi-hippies, remote workers, designers, coders and all the free minded people, like you.

We work hard and play even harder because we have a goal.
Our mission is to create a 100% care-free environment for people working with stuff online. This not only means fast internet, 24 / 7 access, versatile work surroundings, workshops, and events but also access to an awesome network of like-minded geeks and a set of community activities to enjoy life in our beloved island.

We can accommodate up to 15 coworkers in our beach front villa, featuring all the amenities of a modern house, including a fully furnished kitchen, private rooms and shared dorms, two sea view lounges and a garden, where you can rest, have a siesta or gather with your fellows for a barbecue night.

Whether if you are a beginner or the heaviest tube rider, Fuerteventura has a wave for you. The Hub and the villa are conveniently located within a three minutes walk from some world class waves. All along the North Shore, you'll be treated to a wide variety of beach and reef breaks for every level and taste. Powerful right hands, soft long lefts, barrels and the jewel of the crown; Lobos Island, one of the longest right-hand waves on this side of the ocean.

We organize a weekly community surf trip to one of the surf spots, depending on conditions and participants level. If you want to learn surf or kitesurfing, we can connect you with some of the best schools around, just ask for it.