Welcome home, fellow nomad

Boutique coliving and coworking. A tranquil and creative space to work, play and rest.

“Blue Lotus” by Kyo Spaces is a new boutique collaborative work and living space. An embodiment of the ‘perfection of wisdom,’ the Blue Lotus is where co-living and co-working intersect. Tucked away in the Goan countryside, this 140 year property in lush Uccasaim has been restored to host digital nomads and new-age freelancers from around the world.

Blue Lotus, a space where co-living and co-working is a way of life. We restored a 140 year Portuguese property to host digital nomads, passionate entrepreneurs, new-age freelancers and knowledge seekers from around the world. Located in the village of Uccasaim, in the lush Goan countryside, Blue Lotus is the perfect place for you to dive into work, while we take care of all your other needs.

In addition to having all modern amenities essential for a productive work and living environment, at Blue Lotus you will find the headspace for you to do what you do best. Set up your workstation indoors or enjoy your workday out on the lawns. Nourish yourself with meals our all day menu created from vibrant local produce and an in-house herb garden. Meet fellow professionals and build your network, make new friends or find like minded people to collaborate with.


Since the rules of working are constantly being redefined, we added co-living to the mix

We live, work and play with each other every day. We offer 5 spacious bedrooms in a stunning heritage home, nestled in the lap of green. Our tranquil, creative space lets you focus on your productivity


We celebrate the demise of the cubicle by being a creative, collaborative workspace that brings limitless opportunities. For those who want to work where they want, when they want and how they want, Blue Lotus creates the ideal environment where you can feel welcomed, inspired, creative, productive and relaxed.


The support, synergies, ideologies and relationships formed by working in a shared workspace is what makes us look forward to everyday. Meet fellow professionals from around the world. Co-create under the same roof. Take a break from work and indulge in a playtime of fetch, belly rubs and nose kisses with Laila and Rocket, our four legged community managers. Explore Goa with your new friends. Share a seafood meal. Discover new and old neighbourhoods. Drive to Morjim beach and watch the sunset.

On The House (amenities)

Wifi | Private rooms | Sunshine | Pet Love | 2 working rooms