Rainmaking Loft is dedicated to supporting startups by providing them with a highly collaborative and inspiring working environment, at a significantly subsidised price. We believe startups can create great innovations and economic growth - and a good co-working space can accelerate this by fostering collaboration, creativity and community - generating value far greater than the sum of its parts.

1st Creativity and Innovation
Our space overlooks a marina, which brings tranquillity into a bustling environment, boosting creativity (we can vouch for this). Rainmaking Loft is also set up to encourage quick sit-downs and whiteboard meetings, further inspiring creativity.

2nd Collaboration
We encourage collaborations between members through informal meetups (e.g. Wednesday breakfasts and Friday beers) to more purpose built internal events (e.g. Loft Connections).

3rd Diversity
We have more than 2300 members across 35 different nationalities. We are a closed knit community where startups can exchange and evolve together.