The Brew is the launch pad for greater business success. Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we understand the needs of small businesses. We provide beautiful, creative and professional ready-to-work environments where you (and your team) can get things done. All our available locations are in Shoreditch – right by Old Street tube. You can expect a suite of benefits that have been curated to support your company’s productivity and growth such as our popular workshops as well as access to a dynamic community with whom you can exchange ideas and do business with. There's also lots of other services that you'd normally have to pay extra for (but you don’t at The Brew!), such as Fairtrade tea and coffee, exclusive invites to social events and health and well-being sessions. At The Brew, we understand that your level of membership depends on where you are in the life-cycle of your business and your current needs at the time. That’s why we offer flexible membership options, with a free starting point, without diluting our offering or level of service.
The Brew can be a vital part of growing your business, giving you access to networking opportunities, essential facilities and services that can help you boost profitability. But other expensive membership costs can mean you’re wasting money on exorbitant fees. Our tiered membership is designed to be competitive and allow you to choose which services you need now, and you can choose to upgrade in the future.

Despite our budget friendly prices our dedicated Community Managers are always on hand to ensure a high-level of service. They help make our hubs and community, accessible and thriving places to do business.

We cater to every business owner, whether you’re a freelancer just starting up or an established business managing a team of 100. But that’s not the only reason you should choose The Brew as your business club and workspace destination, we create opportunities for you to grow, whatever your industry.