Cuckooz Nest is a hybrid workspace. We allow parents to be close enough to breastfeed their children or read them a story. In terms of childcare, we offer more flexible hours and host fewer children than traditional nurseries. We provide a community of like-minded coworkers, a place free from home distractions, while helping to assuage the guilt a new parent can feel when putting their child into day-care. We allow you to transition seamlessly between work and life empowering parents to pursue big careers without compromising parenthood.

A first for London, Cuckooz Nest lets working parents book office and creche space on a Pay-As-You-Go basis with zero commitment from as little as one hour a day. The brainchild of entrepreneur and mother-of-one Charlie and her best friend Fabienne, the idea for Cuckooz Nest came from personal experience after Charlie struggled to find affordable and flexible childcare when returning to work. Realising that, in a city where 1 in 7 freelancers are working mums, she was not alone, the team decided to use their business experience to find a solution themselves.

With a shared mission to offer innovative solutions to childcare, they have partnered with London-based agency Manny & Me to ensure the highest quality of staff and educational programming are delivered. Together they are building a space where both adults and children are able to innovate, create and embrace new and traditional ways of learning, playing and collaborating.