We turn unused warehouses into affordable works space for London’s creative and entrepreneurial community. Currently based in Hackney, Wimbledon and Walthamstow, we provide co-working desks, studios, office space and music studios at prices to suit all budgets.
We’re not a big corporate workspace provider. We’re a startup, like you, with 4 employees.
We keep costs to a minimum by upcycling materials and building furniture ourselves. We fight to get the best rate on our leases so that we can pass the savings to you.We understand the needs of a small business, because we’re a small business.

Our spaces don’t look like IKEA showrooms. We don’t serve wheatgrass smoothies or have an onsite barbers. But Main Yard Studios are hand-made with love and we provide you with the space, community and support you need to grow your business. At a price you can manage.