We expect everyone to participate, be committed and work hard. In return, we will open up our network to you and actively support you for 12 months.

We will not steal your time, or meddle in your decision making. You will however get access to workshops, mentors, investors, data science labs (AI/IoT etc), hardware lab, free legal advice and accounting services and – of course – office and meeting room facilities.

There are no strings attached and no extra costs. Membership prices start as low as 2050 NOK/month, excl. taxes. And, if necessary, you can easily cancel your membership on a one-month notice.

Making life easier for startups is about more than just advice. Our strongest asset is our community, consisting of alumnis, mentors, industry experts and corporate partners all eager to pay it forward to current members. It’s not unusual that member’s find their first customers within our community.

Our environment should allow you to focus exclusively on building and selling your product. Founder-friendly capital, introductions to potential customers as well as advice should help you do this faster. Experiment tirelessly until you find product-market fit, and grow as fast as possible once you have it.