First of all, it's beautiful. It is a modern and classy design in which one feels good. Then, at Craft, we put ourselves in your place to provide you with a practical work space. The big table in the middle of Craft, it serves that.

Comfortable chairs (but not enough to fall asleep inside), power outlets to plug your laptop, a very secure broadband wifi that is not hacked by half the area, Ethernet sockets if you need it - and you are in the place.
All you have to do is connect your headset or your headphones, download TemptationBlocker so you do not spend your time checking your e-mails and your facebook, and investigate the hours of hard work.

Craft is a cafe for the non-fixed office, those who do not have an office: students, freelancers, freelancers, in short those who have to work behind their computer but do not have an office. Those who can not say in the morning "I go to the office". But they still have to work.

So, Craft offers these fixed offices a space to work. Comfortable chairs, free high-speed wifi, power outlets, good coffee: no more excuses. Craft is a cafe and a place where you can come with your computer, all day if you want. At Craft you can drink a good cappuccino, work in front of your computer, watch your mails by eating quality products (from good, healthy, craft and local food), or watch a movie.