VOLUMES is coworking and makerspace based in Paris run by a community of transdisciplinar designers and innovators. Launched in 2015, VOLUMES hosts events, companies and projects investigating the fields of collaborative economy, fabcity, computational design, digital manufacturing and food design. The local community is composed by freelancers, international associations, companies and start-ups such as Ouishare (collaborative economy), Civicwise (collaborative urbanism), Noumena (computational design, research and architecture), Open Source Democracy, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui (Local Food Platform)...

Since 2016, Volumes is the official place for PECHA KUCHA NIGHTS in Paris, organized the Future Architecture Night in May 2015 and has been part of the official program of Paris Design Week 2015. It is the first Parisian makerspace to run the FAB ACADEMY, the official MIT training program for makers and fablabs. VOLUMES is also one of the official partner of Wikibuilding, one of the selected project for the architecture competition Reinventer Paris. VOLUMES launched with École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées the program DESIGN by DATA, the first Advanced Master in Computational Design, Advanced Manufacturing and Building Technologies, directed by Francesco Cingolani co-founder of VOLUMES. In 2016, FabCity Paris has been officially founded at VOLUMES, a new urban model for locally productive and globally connected self sufficient cities.

During its 1st year of activity, VOLUMES hosted more than 100 events about design, digital fabrication, start-ups innovation and collaborative economy gathering over 5000 visitors coming from all over Europe. In 2016, between 20 and 50 creative freelancer, designers and entrepreneurs use VOLUMES everyday as a working and innovation platform to develop and scale their projects.

The ambition of the communities engaged at VOLUMES is to establish one of the most innovative hotspot in Europe in the fields of computational design, fab city and digital manufacturing. At VOLUMES, we believe in computational tools and transdisciplinar design approach to re-think the future of work and build a more sustainable world while promoting a new lifestyle and culture.