Porto i/o is the biggest coworking spaces of our beautiful city and home for local tech and creative community since 2014. We are happy to make of our homes the beating heart of all things beautiful and digital in Porto, while always focusing on people.

It all started in 2013, when Nuno Veloso (project lead) and Turi Munthe (partner and investor) joined forces to conquer the most beautiful town of Portugal. But Porto i/o concept is way more than just a set physical places. The coworking space, in fact, is just the main channel through which we deploy our vision and mission.

Nowadays Porto i/o counts with 4 beautiful coworking spaces set in historical buildings in cities of Porto and Matosinhos. 

Everything local.

We breathe Porto. We are Porto. This is why we partner with local, historical families owning real estate, to refurbish old buildings, giving back the charisma they once had. This couldn’t be achieved without working closely with local, specialized architects, builders and carpenters, to take care of this delicate architectural heritage.

Porto is all about people; so is our DNA. We believe people are bigger than any project or company, and this is the reason why Porto i/o works like a happy family. This includes our many four-legged coworkers.

More than just amazing spaces.

Porto i/o’s unit is counted in people, and how they interconnect, evolve, learn, but also fail. Since we started, we connected many people that are still working together nowadays, and opened many doors to our residents: from working with local municipalities to being hired to work for projects seen by Bill Gates himself.

Everyone that passed by Porto i/o ends up sticking to the community.

The above is the core reason that makes us a reference not only in the global coworking industry but also in terms of community hosting. This lead to some of the coolest companies in Porto get inspiration from our setup, layout, or experience, and replicate it in their own spaces. How nice is that?

Community is what we do best.

From the start, we wanted to centre our attention on the community. We naturally ended up creating our internal one, and are very happy to have helped many, many people across the years.

  • We attract and help a lot of local and international companies establish a tech outpost in our beautiful city.
  • We make a lot of friendships sprout, including love stories, and culminating with a beautiful wedding between two people that met while working at Porto i/o.
  • We host countless community meetups with hundreds of attendees, from teaching kids how to code to testing new, cool tech.
  • We support local initiatives, sponsor local events and foment networking.

We grow with the city.

In June 2016, we opened Porto i/o Riverside - a beautiful penthouse with the best views over the old town and the Douro river. We became the first coworking space of Porto area with two physical locations (and now there’s four!).

This allowed us to go creative, innovate even more, and bring different offers to the table. Leveraging more than one space, made us create a mobility program between all our spaces.
Since the trends of growth of Porto, its area and its region were favourable, we’ve launched Porto i/o Seaside. So, all our residents can enjoy the different minutes away from the beach and super well connected. With this space, we became closer to another urban core of Greater Porto: Matosinhos. It became an instant success among locals (from Portugal but also expats) and visitors that are into surf.

Back in 2018, we launched Porto i/o Santa Catarina - a stunning floor with access to one of the streets with the most passage in the country. There is no room to get bored there! With this space, we added a high-demanded Events Room, that can serve for events, meetups, workshops, company retreats, or to host yoga classes of our coworkers.

As we grow, we will keep on valuing the family feeling in each one of our spaces, and the sense of belonging across all of them, while keep on hosting community events.

We stick to our values.

At Porto i/o, we keep on pushing boundaries. This is our way to keep offering only but the best for our residents, visitors, and the community. We genuinely believe that this only works if we respect the founding values we proposed ourselves to honour:

  • Cooperation instead of competition: if we think someone’s profile will be a better fit in another coworking space, we redirect that person there.
  • Tolerance over discrimination: at Porto i/o we promote diversity across the team and space. We truly are a nice melting pot of beautiful people.
  • Humility is more rewarding than fame: we are happy to remain in the backstage, even if we are the leading cause of someone’s big success.
  • People over statuses: a job title is nothing more than a label; for us, personality comes first.