An exceptional shared office in Paralelni Polis and an ideal place for freelancers, small working teams or startups. In an extraordinary-designed space, the members push ahead their various projects - we are happy to welcome open-minded, innovative freelancers and startups with an interest in digital freedom, decentralization, P2P and cryptotechnologies.

The main part of Paper Hub is the openspace furnished with cardboard honeycomb furniture and a comfortable chillout zone in the middle of the whole space, along with two isolated offices with fixed desks. A meeting room serves as an ideal place for meetings and workshops. The community of Paper Hub often spends time together at a small, well-equipped kitchen and a calm, greenery terrace located out of the main streets.
The unusual setting has won a couple of prizes, such as “Meeting Room Of The Year 2015” or “The Best Coworking In The Central Europe 2016”.

As all the other concepts located in Paralelní Polis, Paper Hub accepts only cryptocurrency donations and payments only. According to its members' needs, Paper Hub offers several kinds of flexible membership plans so that anyone can choose the ideal option - from basic 8 hours per month to unlimited memberships and fixed desk rentals.
The coworking relies on the background of a cryptocurrency-only café, a cryptoanarchy think-tank and a progressive hackerspace - all in one in the Paralelní Polis, a Ztohoven art group project. In the near future, an extension to a startup accelerator / incubator is being planned. 

Do you want to know more about Paper Hub? On our website www.paperhub.cz you can find way more about memberships, rentals and Hub activities. And don't forget to try your first free day!