Grant Horsfield, founder of the naked Group, has been a successful entrepreneur in China since 2005. He started with naked Stables, an innovative eco-friendly resort catering to cosmopolitan travelers. Along with partners Lu Jiabao, Lai Yifan and his wife Delphine Yip, he successfully made naked Stables into an iconic destination that now sets the standard for resorts in China.

Since then naked Group has developed its dream well beyond hospitality. In 2015 naked Group launched naked Hub, a new concept of working composed of innovative, beautiful co-working spaces and a vibrant online community. It's a unique platform for startups, SMEs and MNCs to develop synergies and grow their businesses. Today naked Hub's network covers 16 locations in Shanghai, 4 in Beijing, 2 in Hong Kong, 4 in Australia, 2 in Vietnam, and 1 in London.

In naked Hub, naked brings the natural concepts of naked Stables into the work space for the very first time in China.