The Park is a co-working space on four attractive locations in Stockholm. We are at the moment 850+ members divided on 270+ companies and we welcome everybody that has a nice warm attitude to life. And for the day to day magic we have our Mood Managers that sets the vibe at our spaces and helping out with everything practical.

We are also an event agency - planning and arranging everything from workshops and mingle for our members and external clients to rolling out the red carpet for the Swedish Grammy Awards, store openings and other fun stuff.

We think that business it hot – and that hugs are the best thing in the world.

We are strengthening our community through monthly events, mingles and breakfasts. We also actively connect our members with each other on a daily bases. Except for our after works, breakfasts and seminars we also organize two yearly big events - one Summer Party and one Christmas Party. Two events that we put a lot of effort into, so that all members - even if they are only one person within the company - can have a party to invite their clients and suppliers and sum up what has been done - and what to come. We focus on our members businesses through their hearts.

We are breaking the "techbubble" by including everybody that see themselves as an entrepreneur, not just the once that are techy. We have a clear "family concept" and we believe that happy hearts are the key to a successful business. Therefore free hugs are included in all memberships, and provided by the The Park team on a daily bases.