What is the most unique thing about your space?

We pride ourselves on creating design-led spaces that feel like a second home - On top of this, we offer a diverse range of unique events, from fireside chats with global entrepreneurs to open cinema nights and paint&wine sessions.

Who are the members of your space?

Our network which spans across Asia Pacific presents an excellent opportunity for global mobility, giving our members from creatives, startups and entrepreneurs to network and work in different countries and collaborate with different cultures.

What kind of community events are you organizing at your space?

We celebrate our diversity by hosting many different events from fireside chats with entrepreneurs, startups, creatives - all the way to Fashion shows, product design shows, award ceremonies to simple happy hours on a Friday.

The thing you love the most about your coworking space is…

The fun, welcoming atmosphere. There are genuine friendships everywhere you look, making work feel a little less like work.