Welcome to the Factory Hub Vienna, a home for hardware startups in Europe. Bring your idea into a real industrial environment. This unique hub is operated by electronics manufacturer TELE Haase.

What is the most unique thing about your space?

Join a real industrial environment from day one

Who are the members of your space?

Hardware Startups, Makers

The thing you love the most about your coworking space is…

The best thing about our space is the fact, that we're located IN the factory of Tele Hasse. A companie which produces hardware sinde the 1960's. We all can use their productions lines!TELE is a respected monitoring technology specialist and a crazy innovation leader with a lot of technical know-how and 90 people who enjoy their work.

What are you looking for by joining Coworkies and what could you bring to the community?

We love to cooperate and share our know-how with others. #Industrializationconsulting #hardwareprototyping #productdevolpement