Covering 650 m², the association offers temporary exhibition, discussion, event and project space and houses permanent workshops, studios, warehouses and offices for start-ups and creative professionals. One third of the space is shared, which promotes exchanges and initiates processes and methods to create something new. At present more than 20 members from the fields of design, art, philosophy, film, music, technology, traditional crafts, social work, architecture & economics work in our premises.

Our clubhouse is located behind the inconspicuous façade of a residential building in Ulrichgasse. Since mid-2011, the association has been converting the former storerooms into a large studio and workshop space and can now offer a large repertoire of individual premises. The space is given to artists, new self-employed, craftsmen and other persons of the creative and digital sector. Over time, it grew into a strong collective with a wide range of competencies.