What is the most unique thing about your space?

Werksalon is for craftspeople and designers. We are a community to collaborate (co) while creatively producing things (making). You'll rather find work benches, tools and creative ateliers than meeting spaces, printers and office folders at Werksalon.

Who are the members of your space?

At Werksalon Co-Making Space in Vienna we proudly share space, knowledge, material and happiness among professional and hobby craftspeople and designers. The community contains of professional carpenters, upholsterer, restaurateurs, prototyping-, product- and interior designers as well as dressmakers, fabric printers and artists.

What kind of community events are you organizing at your space?


The thing you love the most about your coworking space is…

Werksalon is a space to make dreams come true! It is about the passion and the process of making. Thus we are not only a co-working but rather a co-MAKING space. Some people make things professionally in terms of being self-employed and having a business, other community members work in other fields during the day and experience their creative side of themselves at Werksalon during their free time, mostly on weekends.