We have drawn on Viennese coffee house culture and turned Schani into a place where locals and hotel guests can meet. We have done this by integrating our coworking space named “Your Space” into our lobby. What is coworking? Start-ups and self-employed people do not rent an entire office, but individual workstations - including a creative environment and meeting point for the most diverse of characters. These are not merely joint offices. The community that arises from these work groups is important, a network where like-minded people meet and help each other at a professional level.


Something unique about Hotel Schani?

We're the first Coworking Hotel in Vienna and open 24/7.

Who are the members of your space?

Our coworkers from various sectors, from IT, to creatives, events and more!

What kind of community events are you organizing at your space?

We host a monthly Coworking breakfast, which is organized every first Tuesday of the new month.

The thing you love the most about your coworking space is…

The open office is right next to the lobby so it's a very relaxed atmosphere and you can always grab fresh drinks or snacks. Nevertheless, the Coworking Space is a place where you can focus on your work and also hold meetings.​​​​​​​

What are you looking for by joining Coworkies and what could you bring to the community?​​​​​​​

We hope to attract more Coworkers around the world and motivate them to come visit us while they are in Vienna and want to combine Hotel & work place.​​​​​​​