People choose Brain Embassy not only as a place to work, but as a space to ‎learn, develop and find synergy between unique minds, talents and skills. Being ‎proud of our space favoring personal and professional growth, we have ‎designed personal and business development program, tailored-made to the ‎aspirations and needs of every Brainer. The program offers professional ‎mentoring, future competencies workshops, personal empowerment tech ‎projects, morning yoga classes, ‘Points of You’ coaching sessions as well as skill-‎sharing sessions by other Brainers, networking events, and so many other ‎development tools, designed to prepare you for the challenges of the future.


​Being a Brainer is a state of mind.‎ ‎Being open for new perspective of work ‎and life, willing to co-create, knowing that we are smarter together and people ‎around can be our “partners in crime”, being mindful and ready to discover the ‎unknown. Trusting the process of development and change. It is also the ‎freedom of choice: who you wanna be, how do you love to work, who do you ‎love working with. ‎


Being a Brainer is about starting your day at the window-front bar to sip some ‎coffee, then moving to a more laid-back position on a hammock, mingling at the ‎tribune area or chilling at the meditation room. It could also be about preparing ‎your lunch or coffee break at the fully equipped kitchen or ordering some take-‎away food with friends or just on your own to enjoy being with yourself. At ‎another day it could be standing, sitting, head standing or charging your ‎batteries at the nap room. Or you could hold a presentation or any kind of ‎event in one of our unique ergonomic, functional spaces arranged with ‎creativity and metaphors that can be useful during the meetings.‎


  • Poland – Warsaw (Aleje Jerozolimskie 181B, Postępu 17, Konstruktorska 11, Rzymowskiego 53)
  • Israel – Tel Aviv (360 C Building, Hashlosha 2)
  • Belgium – Antwerp (Theater Building, Italielei 124)