Label Escale is a coworking coffee place offering relaxing areas, workshops and hosting travel oriented events all year long. It’s an alternative options for freelance, digital workers, entrepreneur, students and anybody looking for a friendly place mixing the conviviality of a nice coffee and the use of an office space. Label Escale is as well a meeting place for travelers, novice or advanced. Come to share, discover and interact with a community of curious travelers, or just for a pit stop while planning your next adventure!

What is the most unique thing about your space?

We do have a barista, let's enjoy delicious drink such as beetroot latte, cappuccino or chai tea.

Who are the members of your space?

Half of our members work in the tourism industry. We do have freelance, digital nomads, students and remote workers.

What kind of community events are you organizing at your space?

We organize lots of differents events such as lecture, afterworks, networking, drinks, thematic events...

The thing you love the most about your coworking space is…

Our space is an invitation to travel ! Our space is cosy & flexible.