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Fine Wolff
guest management in your space

Hej Coworkies! We´d opened our Innovation Space in April this year. I'm currently working on the process of our guest management. I was wondering on how collecting and handling the guest data best. Now we are collecting these data during the guest check-in with pen&paper....

Scarcity solved!

We all know how hard to find hygienic products nowadays because of COVID 19. I just want to share a site that I found selling a lot of hand sanitizer for a good price! Check this out! https://list.ly/list/42np-best-hand-sanitizer-of-2020

Swathi Sinha
What do you think about the future of coworking will be?

Coworking has gained a lot of traction! though it has gained all these popularity, somewhere I feel that Coworking is not being covered by Medias. If this is the case now, what will be the situation in future?

Problems/difficulties while opening coworking space

Hello, everyone. I want to ask some question regarding coworking space. What problems /difficulties one may face while opening a coworking space?

MY SPACE edit info

How can I edit the info in My Space? (text and photos bc the header proportions are off and I would like to change it...is there an edit button I'm overlooking? :)

Alina Megat
What is a Virtual Office and Serviced Office?

What is a Virtual Office and Serviced Office? And how it is useful to grow the business?

Pauline Roussel
What is your type of coworking space? #1
Wild nature or Beaches

To celebrate a new milestone of 600+ coworking spaces on Coworkies, we created our own version of trick of treat. Say hello to wild nature of beaches . Let us introduce you to some of the coworking spaces that make the Coworkies community so special! The following...

Space in Portugal at stunning Place - could it work?

Hey everyone, I am a 3D Artist from Germany who lives in Portugal with my GF for some time. I work from home (I moved from place to place, but finaly found my town), but loved the time in Berlin beeing together with other ppl. The last time I was searching for a nice...

Manon Steiner
Can anyone suggest a nice free co-working space?

Hi there, I jumped into self-employment in the beginning of this year so I'm looking to connect with other freelancers, share experiences and inspire one another. Since I'm new at this, I currently need to bootstrap and can't afford 100+ € for a spot in a cool co-working...

Pauline Roussel
Who wants to be featured on Coworkies monthly newsletter?

You just landed on Coworkies OR you've been here for a while, either way it's awesome to have you here! Every month, we send a newsletter to our community and we feature different professionals working out of coworking spaces to share their work, their inspiration and their...

Adrian Crisostomo
Foreign coworkers

Hi Coworkies! I'd like to ask for some suggestions. Our coworking space are hosting a start up who are foreign. A lot of times during some community events, they would refuse to come. On most days, they would just stay on their pods and would get out only to get some coffee....

Co working space in Toulon??

any coworkers in Toulon yet?

Shachar Shamir
Changing a co-working space

Hi, how do I change the coworking space that shows in my profile?

What is your daily website for inspiration?

When we start our Computers and open the browser the first thing we see is this little thing: https://usepanda.com/app/ Very cool and lots of Inspiration :)