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Muhammad Irshad

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Greetings from Pakistan. I was just wondering to know that how are your coworking space tenants responding to Covid19. Does everyone show up at their desk.




Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Hey Muhammad!

I'll try to reply to your question, but you certainly need to take it with a grain of salt!

I opened a coworking space in Budapest, called The Other Workspace, a few months back, so not only am far away from you, but my experience is quite limited!

Based on what I saw, in spite of the fear of COVID19 being present for some members, I think most of us / most of the population / most of the people are basically tired of being stuck at home at all times, and want to go out, even if it is to work from somewhere!

That's not really new, though I think people that were talking about how great it is to work from home, now understand that it is not really so great. For sure one or two days a week (and this certainly depends on your personality too), it is nice to work from home, or at least it can be nice.

COVID19 has given people the occasion to try working from home, and what it really means. It's not all rainbows and sunshine. I certainly cannot work from home more than a day, that's basically one of the reasons why I opened my coworking space :)

So to summarise, people show up, and come in more and more, and I think this will continue as more and more people start to feel like they can't stand being locked up anymore.

I hope this gives you some insight!

Cheers and all the best!


Muhammad Irshad Muhammad Irshad Marketing Executive

Hi Dear David,

Thanks for your valuable insight. I am delighted to know people showing up at your end. Yes, you are right, people hate being caged in homes.

We can't let this covid19 thing take away our freedom.