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Fine Wolff

guest management in your space

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Hej Coworkies! We´d opened our Innovation Space in April this year. I'm currently working on the process of our guest management.

I was wondering on how collecting and handling the guest data best. Now we are collecting these data during the guest check-in with pen&paper. We thought about having this process digital.

Are you having some ideas with guest management in Cobot? How do you manage your guests and visitors?

Thanks and Cheers, Fine



Sam Bender

Hey there Fine,

My name is Sam and I work for Cobot, I think I might be able to help answer your questions!

In Cobot, you can create Plans that your members will select when registering. This will determine how much they are allowed to access the space (whether you’d like access based on hours of the day, days of the week, zones within your space, or all of those at once!). There are a couple of different ways to automate the check-in process based on your needs, here is an FAQ on member check-in using Cobot:

As for guests, Cobot has a feature where you can sign in your members’ guests, either to sign them up for a day pass or to track attendance. For more info, you can see this FAQ:

If you have any other questions, please let me know! There’s a lot to consider when making the switch from pen & paper to a management software, but I promise, in the end it will save you and your staff a lot of time and hassle.

Happy coworking!