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Mara Neldner

How does your coworking space handle sustainability-related topics?

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I'm interested: Does your coworking space have an employee or team responsible for sustainability? What is your coworking space's approach to sustainability? No judgement, just interested :)




Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Hey Mara!

Welcome to Coworkies! :)

At The Other WorkSpace we don't have anyone that takes care of this in particular. Though I must say, that that is probably because it's a super-small coworking space, we just have 12 desks :)

But I'll admit, that I also wanted to answer your question, to share my thought about this.

I think working from a coworking space, is in and of itself taking part in being sustainable. Now of course if there are only 3 people in a 100 desks office, that's not really it, but if you've got a coworking space that is somewhat used by members, and you make some efforts (as the operator of the space) to make it sustainable) that's already way better than people renting out individual offices of course!

I'm probably biased (surprise, surprise, because I started a coworking space myself), but it's really one of the benefits that makes me think it's a great way of working :) but of course that's just a part of it all!

Cheers and all the best,


Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Great input David!

David David Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Thank you Pauline!

I also want to takes this opportunity to let you know that you've got a great website! I love coworkies! So congratulations on that and keep up the good work! :)

I really hope to see more and more community engagement!

Also, and only if I may, I'd suggest you to get on IndieHackers, I'm sure there are a lot of people on there that would love Coworkies! :)




Pauline Roussel

CEO at Coworkies

Hey Mara!

That's a great question and a topic we love discussing! We actually started a series of posts on our Instagram account called Green Coworking, you can see them here it might give you some inspiration :)


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