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Pauline Roussel

Welcome to COWORKIES! Please introduce yourself

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Hey guys! Great to have you here on COWORKIES. Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you!



Valentine Hutchings

Hi guys! I am Valentine, Community and Communications Manager at Rainmaking Loft London. Happy to answer any questions about our space or anything :)

Tony Wooster Tony Wooster Software Engineer

Hey there! Checking in from the Rainmaking Loft here in Berlin. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk tech, startups, or explore this awesome city.


Julian Vogels

CTO & Co-Founder

Hi! I'm Julian, CTO & Co-Founder of Soundbrenner Limited, a Music Tech startup based in Hong Kong and Berlin. I'm working at the R&D Center of the Fab Lab Berlin, in midst the growing community of Makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. I'd be happy to connect with some of you guys. We're always looking for good engineers for example. And on a personal note, I'd like to meet some people that are into building musical instruments (electronic/digital).


Steve Farrugia

Hi, I'm moving to Paris soon and will be working remotely. I'm looking for some great places to work - and I have already seen some good options. I look forward to coworking with some Paris-based coworkies!


Rick James Chatas


Hi everyone,
My name is Rick James! and I'm a remote freelance designer currently living in Barcelona. Hope to meet you all some time soon!

Rick James Chatas Rick James Chatas Designer

Now living in Budapest with NomadHouse until 8/29! :)

David David Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Hey James!
If you're back in Budapest sometime, message me, and I'll be happy to host you for a free day at my coworking space ( :)


Erik Brits


Hello! I've been in tourism since I left varsity (South African general travel, and wildlife safaris all over Africa) and am learning to code at the moment so I can start some other things. Based at Greenpoint Coworking, if you're coming to Cape Town (or SA in general) shout out and I'd be happy to give you the lay of the land.



Creative Partners

Thanks for being here! Amazing idea and full of potential :)
We are 2 young designers from Germany, Nuremberg. We love to create, help startups and of course travel :) If there are questions about Logos, Adobe CC, or any other topic just let us know!


Shachar Shamir


Hello everyone!
My name is Shachar (or Shaka if it's easier :) ), I am the Co-founder of Ranky.

Ranky is a startup marketing team that specialized in digital marketing for startups. We have helped more than 130 startups around the world with their growth and marketing efforts as mentors in accelerators and hubs such as Microsoft Ventures, WeWork, Hub:Raum - Berlin, Wayra (London and Berlin) etc.
And with hands-on solutions for startups that don't have a marketing team or need an external CMO.
We provide services such as SEO / PPC / Content Marketing / ASO / Social Media depends on the startup needs.

We are based in Tel Aviv and London and expanding to Berlin these days.

If marketing is something you need drop me a line and let's talk :)


Lindsey Perez

Social Media Community Manager, Partnership Coordinator

Hey, everyone! My name is Lindsey and I am the Social Media Community Manager and Partnerships Coordinator for a coworking space company based out of Brooklyn and Queens, New York called Green Desk! I am always willing to learn, teach, discuss pretty much anything. So feel free to contact me and ask about our spaces or anything else :) Happy connecting!

Via Perkins Via Perkins Creative Media Professional

Hey Lindsey, looks like we're both in the same area! I'd love to chat with you about Green Desk if you have a moment - you can shoot me an email at


Luka Ivicevic


Hi, I'm a co-founder at Penta. We're building the fastest, easiest and most powerful business bank in Europe. I'm excited to join the community.


Adrian Crisostomo


Hi everyone!
My name is Adrian and I represent Workplays from the Philippines. We're not a big coworking space (yet), nor have a big coworking community. But beyond that, we are a good bunch of people who loves the culture of coworking.

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Hi Adrian! So nice to have you here :) Are you a coworker at Workplays? Or do you work for the team there?


michael lawrence

Hello friends,

I'm Michael Lawrence, Newbie here!

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Welcome Michael! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself :)

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Welcome Michael! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself :)


Hi, I am a beginner outsourced php programmer. I like to travel and so I always need a workspace. When I was in Los Angeles I needed a cooworking space to get new ideas and advice. So One of the services I found is Aviato Club. I really liked it. Roommates were easygoing and it was fun)


Sanjeev Kaushik

Hello folks, feeling pleasure to introduce my self Sanjeev Kaushik, working with Awfis space solutions as Assistant Community Manager at Awfis Augusta Point, Gurgaon Delhi NCR. We are 52 in no. & located pan India in all major metro Cities


Maryam Alsaegh

Executive Director

Hi guys!
My name is Maryam, and I manage the CH9 Accelerator in Bahrain, CH9 is the first homegrown business accelerator center established in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the aim of helping innovative enterprises grow and prosper through knowledge, investment support and access to local and regional markets. Feel free to ask me anything about the ecosystem in the Gulf region and regional markets... :)

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Hi Maryam! So nice to have you here, thanks for joining Coworkies! I have so many questions but I will start with one :) What kind of startups / entrepreneurs are you currently supporting at CH9?

Maryam Alsaegh Maryam Alsaegh Executive Director

His Pauline, .we are not specific to any sector, since our establishment we have supported (Art, food, agriculture, FinTech and IoT) we try to be diverse when it comes to our selection proses because of the market size in Bahrain.

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Interesting! When I was looking at your website I understood it was more for Corporates then Startups, but actually it's for both?


Via Perkins

Creative Media Professional

Hi everyone! I'm new to NYC (I just moved in February from Boston). I'm a member of the Freelancers Union, and I've been working at the new Freelancers Hub in Brooklyn which has been amazing.

Because I have a background in administration, I'm looking to secure another part-time role as a community manager in addition to my position as a qualitative associate for Collective - A DEI Lab, a diversity and inclusion consultancy.

I look forward to connecting with folks on this website and getting to know more about coworking spaces in the area!




Hi, I'm Léa from LoCoworking, a coworking space located in Samara, one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. The perfect place for a cool work-life balance. Happy to connect and answer any question !


Daniel Le Cornu

Hi Coworkies! Would love to connect to this community and start a discussion on your personal challenges and successes in finding good working spots in your area!
I'm one of the founders from CommonGrounds, If anyone here is interested in sampling some of the great coworking spaces around Amsterdam or Stockholm, you're welcome to try out our free trial :) It allows you to go to multiple locations throughout the city under one membership!


James Lawton

Hi everyone,

My name is James and I run a platform to host and search for coworking spaces across the world: In my spare time, I like to play a variety of sports, music (electronic and hip hop), building cool things, and of course traveling. I would love to help the community and get more involved - please let me know if you would like to connect!


Attila Bognár


Hey guys!

I'm Attila, Co-founder and CMO at Spacelix, a soon-to-launch startup helping coworkers find the right place, and helping spaces fill their vacant, or underutilized spaces/timeframes. My team and I currently work at Millenaris Startup Campus in Budapest, but due to what we do, we're constantly looking to visit other offices and spaces.
If any of you has a story to share about how they got into coworking, and is willing to help us improve our product, I'd love hearing from you!

David David Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Well, jó estét kedves Attila! If you want to come to the other side of the river I'd be happy to show you my coworking office! :) Until then all the best of luck with Spacelix!


Sanja Bukilica

Coordinator at Innovation Centre

Hi, Coworkies! My name is Sanja, Coordinator of Innovation Center placed in the heart of Porto Montenegro, exclusive marina and yachting paradise in Montenegro. We are young and willing to develop. Make international bonds, meet new people and connect with other coworking communities. We are at your disposal for any questions regarding our Center, coworking space or sharing experience :)


Swathi Sinha


Hello Coworkers!
I'm new here..
Glad to meet you all!
I'm a coworker from HSR LAyout Bangalore called The Venture Studios!


Nikith Narayan Ravinder

Hi All!! Great to see "Coworkies" come together, this website is full of Energy!!
I am Nikith, Business Head at BizzHub Workspaces, Bangalore - India. We are a startup with 1200 seats across 3 centres, out of which 2 centres a total of 311 seats are operational and the remainder of seats are in an upcoming centre which shall be launched in March 2020. However, all centres are 100% leased out.

My first day on this website and looking forward to connecting with you all.

Please free to ask any questions.

off the topic.. I do need some assistance in updating the "My Spaces" page.



Community Manager

Hi All, I'm the Community Manager at AntelopeNYC, a new space in the Chelsea section of NYC. My task is to get the community going - oh boy, pressure! But I'm excited about the task at hand and I love socializing and collaborating, so hopefully that will be helpful. So Hello Coworking World!



Welcoming people to our coworking space in Budapest :)

Hey there! I'm David, my own slave since I launched my coworking space: The Other WorkSpace in Budapest.

Drop me a line if you are in Budapest, if you're looking for a coworking space, or if you just want to get something to drink! :)

Shane Haumpton Shane Haumpton

Hey there! I'm Shane Haumpton, a freelance writer. I'm here to learn from you guys. I'm planning to start a small writing company.


Samaneh Jawad

Community Manager

Hi Guys! I've been working in WeWork in India as a Community Manager for the last 3 years. I'm looking to move to Berlin next year and hope to connect with some of you guys there. I've seen some pretty cool spaces and would love to know more. Happy to answer any questions that you have or share stories. Great being on here! :)


Roshni Lahoty

Hey Guys! I've been working in WeWork in India as a Business Finance Partner. I am Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by proffesion.
I manage the Business Finance for South region (BLR & HYD) and FP&A. India. Major responsibility involves partnering in profitable revenue growth, and Optimizing Opex by working closely with CXO’s, Business Leaders and Stakeholders.
Glad to be part of the community. Looking forward :)


Eugenio Ciccale

UI/UX Designer

Hello! I'm a UI/UX Designer based in Berlin.
I'm author of 5 Vegan
A project born off the necessity to share vegan facts and information in general about plant based foods and its benefits on our health & environment. This service is free.
Subscribe with your email and start receiving 5 vegan facts every week.
I did everything from design & branding to front-end development

Looking forward to connect :)


Muhammad Irshad

Marketing Executive

Hello Fellow Coworkers. I am Marketing and Outreach Executive with TheDesk Coworking Space based in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Lorenzo Grillo

Project Manager

Hi Guys!
I'm Lorenzo and i looooove coworking spaces. ❤️
I am the General Manager of a Coworking business here in Italy,
I'm free to help you with the starting steps of creating your business! ⚡️