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Chief Financial Officer
📍 Sofia, Bulgaria

Puzl CowOrKing

[Expired] - Chief Financial Officer

Puzl CowOrKing
Coworking Space:
Puzl CowOrKing
Sofia, Bulgaria Cherni Vrah 47A

Who we are:

  • We create IT-only coworking spaces.
  • The best ones. For real. Even got an award.
  • We opened our first space in 2015.
  • We used to be 800 m2.
  • Now we are 6,008 m2.
  • But that’s gonna change quickly.
  • Because we are expanding abroad.
  • Specifically, in Budapest, Bucharest, Vienna, Prague and Athens.
  • We plan on building 50,000+ m2 of offices. In each of them.
  • Sound exciting?
  • It sure is.

Who you are:

  • Your priority is to ensure the long-term success of the company.
  • You are comfortable defining and executing a high-stakes financial strategy.
  • You don’t get scared by a 50,000 m2 / €50M project. In fact, it excites you.
  • You don’t care about titles – you care about getting things done.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • You are self-motivated, highly organized and able to prioritize.
  • You care about the little details, but can also see the big picture.
  • You saw one of our coworkings and thought “I wonder what their revenue model is”.
  • You are emotionally mature enough to not let feelings get in the way of business.
  • You are not afraid to speak out and take full responsibility.
  • You can make the right call when the time comes.

What you probably will do:

  • You will be working directly with our Strategy and Growth teams on ensuring the viability, financing, and success of our expansion.
  • Once the Growth team has found the perfect location it will be up to you to approve the project.
  • Numbers are the main driver of decisions, so you will begin with a financial analysis.
  • You will have to define the phases of development, budgets, and forecasts.
  • Then research banks and other institutional investors that are hungry for such deals.
  • Test the interest of banks to define your financing structure.
  • Compare the ratios to our existing numbers and decide if they pass the test.
  • Build stress scenarios to confirm that the project still holds.
  • And if it does– you approve the investment and we move on to the next stage.
  • Now it’s time to prepare a sexy investment presentation.
  • Assess if we should make a JV with the owners and negotiate if needed.
  • Pitch and close institutional investors – both debt and equity.
  • Close funds based on best low risks/costs ratio.
  • Congratulations! Your job is now done!
  • You can sit back and enjoy the ongoing renovation process.
  • Hold on.
  • We spoke too fast.
  • Operations are now fully fledged.
  • You have to support our CACAO (figure that one out) in all she needs.
  • Review our monthly financial reports and update projections.
  • Analyze economical, legal and political market conditions.
  • Discussion the capital needs of the Operations and Growth teams. The business always needs more.
  • Help with Investors’ quarterly report updates and meetings.
  • Join our strategical meetings and help define our future plans.
  • Maintain required financial ratios below covenants.
  • And finally, search for alternative sources of funds – Grants, EBRD, World Banks, EU funds.
  • We are also considering creating a fund. But more on that when we meet.

What you probably won't do:

  • Write thousands of lines of code.
  • Take weird photos of people and post them on Facebook.
  • Make a BBQ for 200 people (We have people for that now!).
  • Explain to people how to fix a coffee machine (Eeeh… we can’t really promise you won’t do that).
  • Carry 300kg wooden desks up the stairs (Yeah, now we are just lying. You’ll have to carry. But only sometimes!).

What we need you to be:

  • A person with 5+ years of finance experience.
  • A person with a solid track record in leading successful investments.
  • That’d be a great start!
  • Have experience in dealing with institutional investors.
  • Bonus points if you’ve already built your network.
  • Have excellent writing, editing and speech/presentation development skills.
  • Be fully capable of understanding our business requirements.
  • So that you can understand the logic behind our plans and decisions.
  • Can control our risk profile and take decisions for our growth.
  • You also need to be all of the stuff that we mentioned at the beginning.
  • You know, the stuff about not being scared of large projects, getting things done, etc. That’s kind of important for us.

What you don't need to be, but we will appreciate if you are:

  • Fun.
  • Open-minded.
  • Coffee connoisseur.
  • Morning person.
  • Traveler.
  • Technophile.
  • Engaged in the IT community.
  • We don't have bosses. We have team leaders.
  • You will be a part of a team.
  • You are not a lone wolf.
  • Each team defines and organizes their work.
  • We trust the team to execute it.
  • We are all doers.
  • We don't micromanage.
  • We don't meddle.
  • But we discuss.
  • Аnd we can
Full time