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Community Maker
📍 Sofia, Bulgaria

Puzl CowOrKing

[Expired] - Community Maker

Coworking Space:
Puzl CowOrKing
Sofia, Bulgaria Cherni Vrah 47A

Hey there! We are Puzl CowOrKing, we are actively expanding our business in Sofia and Budapest, and we are looking for an awesome, communicative and social media-savy person to take care of our IT community and help us provide the best possible experience for them.

Wait, what?

Look, it's pretty simple. There are like 600 amazing IT humans spending half of their day in our coworking spaces, and new ones are coming in every day. We need to take proper care of those humans. Onboard them and show them the ways of the coworking, connect them so they can collaborate and help each other, and find new ways to help them grow personally + professionally. You know, the stuff that actually makes a community a community.

There’s also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and we need someone who understands the weird state of the Internet in 2019 to make relevant content for it that promotes our possibly even weirder brand (I mean, our mascot is a cow).

Who are you people!?

Ah, right! We should probably explain. In short, we're a group of young humans who are building IT-only coworking spaces for IT humans across CEE. So far, we've built 3 of them in Sofia, Bulgaria and now it's time to expand abroad. We are starting with a mind-blowing one in Budapest. Learn more at https://www.puzl.com/.

About the role

This is where YOU come in! We are looking for a person who understands the importance of a connected community, and the nuances of communicating and working with humans, to join our Sofia team. This person will focus on improving the experience for all of our members, and on promoting our community, culture and brand by creating quality content. Think of it as two sides of the same coin - on one side you'll need to know (and help) our community inside out, and on the other you'll use that knowledge to create actually useful and valuable content. Sky is the limit - we have social media channels, newsletters, a blog. You can play around in any of them.

Who you are

  • Your mission is to make people happy.
  • You love meeting lots of people and they love meeting you.
  • You are a great listener and can easily gain people's trust.
  • You happily invest your time in building relationships.
  • You have empathy for other people.
  • You try to understand the real cause behind their problems and worries.
  • You think first, then act.
  • You know that what you say and how you say it matters a lot.
  • You can say "no" when you have to.
  • You love creating and sharing your creations.
  • You want to tell stories.
  • You thrive when collaborating with others.
  • You care about getting things done.
  • You love technology and have some knowledge of the IT world.
  • You saw the photos of our coworking and thought "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn".
  • You are emotionally mature enough to not let feelings get in the way of work.

What you probably will do

  • You will be part of our Operations team and your focus will be on members, communication, and content.
  • First always come the Members, our community.
  • People want to join Puzl all the time.
  • You will talk to them and show them around our beautiful spaces.
  • You will learn their needs and figure out what's the best option for them.
  • If they join, you will take care of them during their first months.
  • That means educating them about our coworking culture.
  • Integrating them in the community.
  • Introducing them to other members with shared personal/business interests.
  • Sparking collaboration and connection.
  • Besides new members, there are also current ones.
  • You need to think of their needs.
  • Are they gonna grow their team? Do they need new seats?
  • What can we do to make them even happier in Puzl?
  • They will also come to you for help.
  • You will provide them will adequate support and solve their issues.
  • Don't worry, our Help Desk system will help you on this one.
  • Then comes Communication.
  • We have a lot of info to share to our members on a weekly basis.
  • Upcoming events, new members, discounts, promos, etc.
  • You will be in charge of sharing it on our channels.
  • Talk to people on Slack or Facebook.
  • Write and send them a weekly newsletter.
  • Or just chat with them in our spaces.
  • Finally, we have the content.
  • You will have to create content.
  • How you do it is up to you.
  • You can focus on writing engaging blog posts.
  • Or you can become an Instagram master.
  • Or maybe you love taking videos.
  • There are no limitations.
  • As long as it's content that brings value, we will support you in making it.

What you probably won't do

  • Write thousands of lines of code.
  • Sit in 2-hour long boring meetings.
  • Fix coffee machines (Actually no. We can't promise you won't do that).
  • Carry 300kg custom-made wooden desks around (Yeah, now we are just lying. You’ll have to carr
Full time