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📍 Berlin, Germany


[Expired] - CTO

Coworking Space:
Berlin, Germany Rheinsberger Straße 76/77 10115 Berlin, Germany

Our mission at Octomo: 
We want to make working for distributed teams as simple as sitting right next to each other.Our product: 
We build a frictionless collaboration and communication software for distributed teams to 

  1. Increase innovative power of companies
  2. Strengthen team cohesiveness to bond with colleagues

About You:

  • Outstanding track record of working in, or founding of startups
  • Strong strategic thinking from a technological perspective (i.e. setting of scope, priorities, requirements, milestones)
  • Great team spirit as we will work closely together 

Key Challenge:

  • Create a reliable 24/7 multi-channel communication software
  • Build up a team and culture
  • Be a full fledged member of the founding team and not just write code

You will work with Julian and Bastian:

  • Holding a masters degree in Innovation Management from Copenhagen Business School 
  • Worked in leading startups around the world (AI startup exit, Oxford blockchain startup spinout)
Full time