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HappyR (HR)
📍 Sofia, Bulgaria

Puzl CowOrKing

[Expired] - HappyR (HR)

Coworking Space:
Puzl CowOrKing
Sofia, Bulgaria Cherni Vrah 47A

Hi there! We are Puzl CowOrKing, we are actively expanding our business in Sofia and Budapest, and we need an awesome person to help us build a human-oriented company culture that respects people and enables them to grow personally and professionally.

Wait, what?

You heard right. We mean, we did double our team size last year to 21 humans. And with our upcoming coworking space in Budapest and our other ambitious growth plans, that team is gonna keep growing. So yeah, this kind of means we have to start thinking about how those humans relate to our company a lot more. Especially, since we don't want to become a soulless unethical corporation. We think we've done more than okay so far, but we can do a lot more.

Who are you people!?

Ah, right! We should probably explain. In short, we're a group of young humans who are building IT-only coworking spaces for IT humans across CEE. So far, we've built 3 of them in Sofia, Bulgaria and now it's time to expand abroad. We are starting with a mindblowing one in Budapest. Learn more at https://www.puzl.com/.

About the role

This is where YOU come in. We are looking for an experienced person who understands the nuances of communicating and working with humans to join our Sofia team and improve all HR-related sectors in Puzl. We talking Recruiting here. Onboarding. Training. Culture. Happiness! To achieve this you will take a leading role in developing our internal culture and ensuring that it aligns with our values, our current and future humans. That ain't no easy task, but it sure is an exciting one (if you don't think so, mayyyyyyyybeee don't spend more time reading this).

Additionally, you will also work to develop and implement strategies and processes that will optimize and prepare all HR-related sectors for scaling abroad. This includes also planning the administrative workflow in the company (payroll, vacations, benefits, etc.).

Who you are

  • Your mission is to create happy workplaces.
  • You approach HR with care for the people and logic for the business.
  • You are a great listener and can easily gain people's trust.
  • You enjoy building processes from scratch.
  • You are self-driven and able to energise others.
  • You are super curious, always seeking to learn more and to improve things.
  • You are logical.
  • You don’t care about titles.
  • You care about getting things done.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • You happily invest your time in building relationships across various teams.
  • You are willing to help out wherever and whenever needed.
  • You love technology and have some knowledge of the IT world.
  • You saw the photos of our coworking and thought "Damn, I should help them build it in Budapest as well".
  • You are emotionally mature enough to not let feelings get in the way of business.
  • You are not afraid to speak up and challenge how we do things.
  • You understand people and use good judgment.
  • You can make the right call when the time comes.

What you probably will do

  • Your work will be focused in six key areas - recruitment, culture, onboarding and offboarding, training and coaching, administration and scaling.
  • First comes the Recruitment.
  • We will continue growing. Quite possibly even faster than we currently are.
  • That means a growing need for new amazing humans to join Puzl.
  • You will design an effective (and respectful) recruitment process that ensures proper vetting of humans and is inline with our (now awesome) culture.
  • Quick note: We have a bunch of different teams in Puzl.
  • You will work with their leads to define clear job requirements and descriptions for all positions.
  • Additionally, you will lead the recruitment process for new positions in all of the teams - headhunt, get references, vent out and recommend for interviewing.
  • Then comes the Culture.
  • Together with our Business team, you will develop and define Puzl's culture based on our current unwritten values and actions, and on our future aspirations.
  • Once defined, you will figure out how to best establish and consolidate that culture across the company.
  • Maybe through group activities. Or certain actions. Or guidelines.
  • We don't know. (Yes, we are okay to say we don't know when we really don't know)
  • We hope you do.
  • Afterwards, you will do whatever is needed to further strengthen and promote that culture.
  • Possibly with a benefits program for our employees.
  • Or with a Manifesto that everyone accepts and stands behind.
  • Again, up to you.
  • Logically, we are moving on to Onboarding / Offboarding.
  • New humans need proper onboarding.
  • We already have a basic process for that, but it will have to go a lot further.
  • You will extend our onboarding process to better integrate new humans in our (now awesome) culture, familiarize them with the workflow of their team and establish a growth plan.
  • The onboarding process will probably have to be p
Full time