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Regional Head - North Zone
📍 Delhi, India

91Springboard Noida

[Expired] - Regional Head - North Zone

Coworking Space:
91Springboard Noida
Delhi, India C2, sector 1, Noida, UP 201301

Designation: Regional Head - North (DES230)

Position description:

About the Company:

91springboard is a co-working space, which provides space for organizations to collaborate and build their businesses. Space provides a plug-and-play office infrastructure where people from different backgrounds can work and interact with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other corporates.

Here are a few facts to get you interested :)

- 91s is the largest coworking space in the country with 22 Hubs across 9 cities and 7 more being set up.

- We are operationally profitable and have a very comfortable financial position based on our previous funding rounds.

- We've grown 3X over the past year in the number of members (and a greater multiple in revenue) and 1.5X since the start of this financial year :) We are on track to achieve another 2x+ in growth by March 2019.

- Our Glassdoor rating is 4.3 and we are passionate about creating an environment where you are empowered to do what you love best.

About the position :

The North Zone Lead is the head of our business for the zone – the GM. It is first and foremost a role for someone who can drive operational excellence and build the 91 community the 91 way. But as the owner of the zone, you’ll also be tasked with growing our business both in expanding our operations and in growing our brand and member base. Operations management, local marketing, community activities, partnerships, local PR, P&L management, hiring, social media - all lie under the ambit of the Zonal Lead. It is by far our most demanding position.

Overall Responsibilities :

  • Work with existing hubs to achieve and maintain a high standard of operational excellence and community engagement
  • Work with the Hub Managers at each hub to plan, set objectives, and make progress against these objectives
  • Monitor key metrics and dive deeper where needed to identify areas of improvement. Sidenote: We are a young company that is only just starting to develop processes and measurement systems. Our first few Zonal Leads will need to be part of this development process. They will inherit very few preexisting systems.
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement in hub teams, both in fixing bugs and in experimenting with new ideas to improve
  • Drive certain zone wide initiatives yourself, both on the operations side and in our community efforts
  • Personally spend time on ground to evaluate how each hub is doing in a more qualitative sense
  • Roll up the sleeves and get into execution whenever needed (big event in a hub or water tanker burst)
  • Handle escalations of trickier issues from hub
  • Ensure we’re growing in the city
  • Evaluate our sales and marketing efforts, gather on ground input, and work with the sales and marketing teams in continuously refining these for your local market
  • Own all local marketing efforts, both those originated and executed by you, and those originated and executed by the hubs
  • Plan and execute the marketing and pre-booking strategy for new hubs that are being set up
  • Help develop our growth strategy in the city in association with the expansion team
  • Coordinate community efforts across the city
  • Establish and build on relationships with partners in the local ecosystem
  • Engage with mentors, investors, media, and other friends of the 91 family in your city
  • Build a great team
  • Lead our hiring efforts in the city
  • Coach Hub Managers on managing and growing their team
  • Solve conflicts when they come up
  • Own the P&L
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenues
  • Without compromising quality or our goodwill with our members

Skills Required

  • To do all of the above, you’ll probably need
  • 8+ years experience in consulting, operations management, or marketing.
  • People skills are paramount. You’ll be managing the entire city team and dealing with a wide array of partners, mentors, investors and other stakeholders
  • Excellent data driven decision making ability backed by sound analytical thinking
  • Strong sense of what’s right for our members. Ability to empathize with and think from the member’s point of view.
  • Planning, estimation, and project management skills
  • Ability to systematize, create processes that are user friendly (read: not bureaucratic) and efficient
  • Top notch execution skills. Independent with a get-shit-done attitude
  • Someone with background in Startup or Startup Ecosystem & who comes with existing relationship in the city is preferred.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with existing hubs to achieve and maintain a high standard of operational excellence and community engagement
Full time