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Visual creator (graphic designer, photographer, video maker)
📍 Brussels, Belgium

Betacowork Coworking

[Expired] - Visual creator (graphic designer, photographer, video maker)

Coworking Space:
Betacowork Coworking
Brussels, Belgium 4, Rue des Pères Blancs. 1040 Brussels

Betacowork is the largest coworking space in Belgium, with over 200 members.  We are a small company that cares a lot about our community of members and staff. Our focus is on helping them to move forward professionally.


We want to help you to reach your next step in your professional development and to become more resourceful; and we want you to help us move forward. We like to get things done, not discuss endlessly. Done is always better than perfect. We know you will make mistakes: we make them too. What matters to us is what you/we do not to make similar mistakes again. We all work to improve each other and Betacowork.

What we offer

  • A great work environment with a hard working and fun team, improved and enlarged by all the professionals that we host. We are a modern company with a flat structure.
  • Multidisciplinary active learning through work with help from the team. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Responsibilities and autonomy. We want you to have initiative and learn to take decisions. We want you to execute your ideas.
  • Support to help you grow as a professional and to find your next position (with us or elsewhere.)
  • Learning with the managers of the leading coworking space in Belgium and the author of the Coworking Handbook, the manual about how to open and run a coworking space.
  • A great network and networking opportunities with our members and at events.
  • Personalized reference based on the quality of your work.
Full time