Love Letters to Coworking Spaces

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David loves coworking at The Other WorkSpace in Budapest

Hi, I'm David. I'm working at The Other WorkSpace, a coworking space in Budapest (or as we say in Hungarian "Közösségi Iroda")!

Pioneers Coworking Space loves coworking at Pioneers Coworking Space in Cairo

Great Environment

Yoshio Tsuda loves coworking at Morino Office in Fujimi

A love letter to Fujimi Morino Office

It was love at first sight, at least I believe I can say so.

The way you let the sunlight into the workspace through the high ceiling was something I had never seen before. Whenever I look up from my PC to catch a breath, I am captivated by what I see through the windows—the tip of Southern Alps, fresh green leaves, delicate alpine flowers, foggy white birch woods, or snow falling in silence. But the tranquility is not the only thing that I love about you. What draws me the most is your consistent curiosity and openness to something new and meaningful. The people around you have something in common; their drive to question the conventional ways of working or living and to create their own solution that suits them the best. Their playfulness in always making projects and experimenting with their lives makes me feel no boundaries, and assures me that I am not alone in this breathtakingly stunning country town we call home.


Yo Watanabe

Pauline Roussel loves coworking at Factory in Berlin

Dear Factory Berlin,

Being part of your community has been a truly amazing experience.

To be perfectly honest, I did not have much expectations while joining, I was mainly looking for a place to work from and have meetings but the moment I joined, you surprised me in many good ways.

First, your facility: great, flexible, comfortable, spacious and diverse - so many rooms, so many different types of desks, it's a great way to remain focus during the day.

Second, your team: dedicated, focused, kind and always here to help! I was amazed by the amount of opportunities they create for the community! There is literally something done for the community every day!

Speaking of community, it brings me to my third and last point. The people are definitely what makes your space such a great place.

There is a lot of knowledge and experience floating around your buildings and it's always great to know that I can access it anytime through your slack or through events.

Thanks to you, Factory, I have been able to meet incredible people with whom I have collaborated in many ways such as content production, events, product testing or even new business opportunities and that to me is the best coworking experience I could wish for!