A true collab coworking in Malaysia where entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, SMEs, and corporations alike can come together. A coworking space in Malaysia which infuses fun into everyday work, matches personal growth with team spirit, and where endless opportunities are right at your fingertips within the CO3 ecosystem. 

Beyond a coworking space in Malaysia, CO3 Social Office is essentially a collab coworking space in Puchong, Malaysia which built on making inspiring workspaces accessible to all while at the same time, connecting people and leading to meaningful collaboration. 

Taking on a brand new challenge, CO3 Social Office is set to bring work life balance to an entirely new level, making CO3 “The World’s Most Liveable Work Space”. The coworking space makes up the foundation of CO3, where in the aim of creating a ‘Liveable Work Space’, CO3 is built on 5 Key Aspects. 

What are those Key Aspects to turning CO3 Social Office from a collab coworking in Malaysia to a LIVEABLE work space? They are CO3 CONNECT, CO3 EAT, CO3 PLAY, CO3 EXPLORE, and CO3 GROW. Live life, and be part of a community and ecosystem of endless possibilities!