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Coworking activities

Hey, Coworkies! I was wondering what's your favourite coworking experience with your community after working hours? Mine personally is when we have a Board games night and we hit some Cards against humanity or Dixit, drink beers and laugh our asses off. Another personal...

Pauline Roussel
Welcome to COWORKIES! Please introduce yourself

Hey guys! Great to have you here on COWORKIES. Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you!

Pamela Sztyblewski
Are there any free coworking spaces in Berlin these days?

Are there any free coworking spaces in Berlin these days? Everything I've booked on every other website has, if I've been able to make contact at all, told me that they no longer reserve through that website, whichever website I used. The free ones, of course. The paid ones,...

Pauline Roussel
Launching Hack Coworking Online

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many coworking spaces have been impacted globally, having to shut fully or partially their doors. This unexpected crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty both for coworking spaces operators and coworking members. After 2 months of...

Coworking Study (german language)

Hi Coworkers around the world and especially german speaking people! Me and my mates are doing a coworking study for our school (Hochschule Luzern) and we need some Coworkers to fill out our form. Please, if you have 10 min time, fill out our form (german language):...

Amanda Els
Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Greetings from Barcelona. Working on community engagement for Coronavirus Tech Handbook... We are currently looking to engage all organisers of coronavirus hackathon. The goal is to list every coronavirus hackathon in the world to avoid duplication and encourage participation....

Dimitar Inchev
My Friends Don’t Work in a Coworking Space
Friends not coworking

It is strange that the COVID-19 crisis needed to happen so I can realize how small the coworking world is, and fragile. Are your friends working out of a coworking space? Mine are not. If the coronavirus situation didn't happen, probably it would have taken a while until...

Niels Janszen
Stay safe, reach out if you need any help

Hey Coworkies! Hope you're safe and well. I just wanted to offer my help to coworking spaces in need. Now that many of us suddenly need to bring our communities online and host events differently, I thought it would be helpful to reach out. If you need digital support of any...

Scarcity solved!

We all know how hard to find hygienic products nowadays because of COVID 19. I just want to share a site that I found selling a lot of hand sanitizer for a good price! Check this out! https://list.ly/list/42np-best-hand-sanitizer-of-2020

Rem Work
Benefits of Coworking Space

Coworking is the flexible space for your mobile working area where several people with representing different companies are working at the same place. Cost-Efficiency Greater Flexibility Boost in Creativity Increased productivity Remote access

Pauline Roussel
Coronavirus and Coworking: things to do for your space and community.

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire all across the world, we want to help coworking spaces, as much as we can, by connecting the dots between all of you, allowing spaces in countries who already had the outbreak to share what they did helping spaces in countries...

Pauline Roussel
Coronavirus and coworking: list of cool apps to stay productive at home

In the light of Coronavirus/ Covid19 outbreak , many of us are working from home, which sometimes, proves to be a tough one. Between the feeling of being lonely and the many distractions that arise, how does one can remain focused, productive and connected to the world?...

Program for controlling the printing of documents in coworking / looking for the first partners for beta tests

Hello! I am a representative of an IT startup in the field of printing documents in coworking. At the moment, our team is undergoing an acceleration program in South IT Park (member of UBI Global). We collect feedback from coworking owners and are ready to provide a print...

The story of The Other WorkSpace. Or my story?

This is the story of The Other WorkSpace ( https://theotherworkspace.com/ ), or actually it is a bit of my own story. Well let's settle for both, it is a story of both. Actually that makes sense as I opened the place recently, so it is pretty mixed up. Alright well after this...

8 key factors to consider when choosing your coworking space

Just thought I'd share my two cents on what you absolutely should consider when choosing your coworking space! :) Here is the link: https://theotherworkspace.com/en/8-key-factors-to-consider-when-choosing-your-coworking/ I hope it helps you out! Feel free to message me...