What Makes Us Different

There is a huge trend in collaborative workspaces sprouting up around the city.

What sets us apart?
The first factor that comes to mind is our emphasis on building a strong, professional community. We want to create an optimum environment for our members – one in which they can feel continuously inspired, connected and productive.

Our philosophy is reflected in our space. We believe in good quality, functional, minimalistic design with a local touch. We are contemporary, but always with some vintage details to create a cosy feel. We are not about screaming slogans, coloured beanbags or Ping-Pong tables. We believe that design should support, not impose.

In short: You will feel a lot of openness, greenery, natural light and freedom to relax and just be yourself.

Overall, we hope to set a new standard not just for India, but also globally for workspaces to be curated in their design and events.