Who We Are:

Oslo International Hub AS (”The Hub” or ”OIH”) is an incubator sprung out from the community for internationals in Norway, Oslo International Club. This has given Oslo International Hub an advantage in creating a culture of sharing knowledge and experience. Oslo International Hub is run with a principle of social entrepreneurialism, and combined with a metropolitan attitude we welcome anyone to partake in our Hub.

The Hub is focused on international competence and entrepreneurialism. “International” means more than one thing for us. The term does not only include people with passports from other countries than Norway, but also Norwegians with a solid international background or focus in terms of business. This is why around half of the companies at the Hub are Norwegians that have lived abroad for a number of years, i.e. repatriates. This mix of background and culture boosts the creation of efficient professional networks, which in turn helps our members succeed.


Oslo International Hub was founded in January 2014. During the first 10 months, more than 70 startup companies moved in, and in the same time period a new startup concept was conceived from the synergies between the different startup companies. These synergies are what make the Hub unique.

Oslo International Hub is not just another company within sector for sublease of single offices and desks. The Hub is also an incubator that is heavily involved in the development of the companies, both members of the Hub and others. In cooperation with Oslo Business Region, OIH launched the Oslo International Accelerator on 22nd of September 2014, lasting until 22nd of December 2014. 20 entrepreneurs/companies were admitted to the program, all of them with an international background. 15 of these 20 companies were accepted into the second part of the Accelerator, after the first two-week “Boot Camp”.


Oslo International Hub is working to integrate the enormous resources in individuals that are too often excluded from the Norwegian business sector based on nationality or Norwegian fluency. We work to enrich the Norwegian business environment through helping foreigners expand their professional network and find positions relevant to their professional background, enabling them to contribute to innovation and internationalization in Oslo/Norway. Thus, the Hub is a social entrepreneurship project, and our purpose, according to the company bi-laws are:

To work for international talents and their ability to get a professional career in the Norwegian business sector according to their education and experience

We have created an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship based on the somewhat cliché phrase “sharing is caring”, however we know that this is exactly what Oslo, and Norway as a whole, needs to compete in an international economy and to properly integrate international talent and culture in the coming years.