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Pauline Roussel

Coronavirus and Coworking: things to do for your space and community.

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With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire all across the world, we want to help coworking spaces, as much as we can, by connecting the dots between all of you, allowing spaces in countries who already had the outbreak to share what they did helping spaces in countries where the outbreak is starting or will soon grow to get ready. 

So if you read this, may we ask for 5 minutes of your time to quickly share what you have done so far for: 

  • Your space // If you are open or remained opened up until now, which safety measures did you implement? How did you communicate them? 
  • Your community // If you decided to close down, how do you keep your community engaged? Do you use any tools? Are you doing any online events for members? 
  • Your team // As your space closed (or if it's about to) how do you guys keep on working as a team? 

If you need help // You are not alone! This article is here for you! Share in the comments below how we can support you and your coworking community.

➡️ We will update this article regularly with tips and interesting resources we find online.


With many coworking spaces operating mainly online due to coronavirus, some of the most common questions we've received are "how to keep engaging with my coworking community?", "how to keep adding value to my members". The answer is: do it online. How? By starting with what you have. For those of you currently using slack, have a look at the article we put together here and discover great (and free) slack integrations you can add to your slack to engage more with members and let them connect with each other in various ways.

➡️ If you are interested in digging further into the topic, join our community of Community Managers group on Facebook here and participate to our weekly chat, with Community Managers from Japan, Germany, South Africa, France, Spain and many other countries where we discuss and share how to engage with our coworking communities both online and offline.

Have some of you tried virtual coworking yet? If so, share which tools you used in the comments. If you didn't but are interested in it, keep an eye on this thread, we will soon be releasing an article on the topic.

If you wish to stay up to date with the virus and its spread, this is a great resource provided by John Hopkins University.

✅ If your space is already on Coworkies, use the platform to help your members share jobs with each other and support them in paying their rent.

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Pauline Roussel

CEO at Coworkies

Many of you have reported not being able to find hand sanitizer anywhere. Below is an easy recipe to do it yourself or even to share with your members:
(for 50ml bottles)

  • Aloe Vera in a gel form

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Essential oil of Eucalyptus OR Tea Tree (has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties)


In a bowl, add 16.5ml of Isopropyl alcohol as well as 20 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and/or 20 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. Mix everything well with the whisk. Then add 33ml of Aloe vera, and mix again. Transfer everything to your container and you are all set!

➡️ Printable version available here



Jas from Morino Office here.

There have only been a few cases of the virus found in Nagano prefecture which is where we're located therefore have decided to keep our office open. Having said this, we're still taking precautionary measures such as:

  1. Placing hand sanitizer dispenders around the office (so far we have 3)

  2. Encouraging members to wear masks and regularly wash their hands

  3. Airing out the workspace every few hours by opening windows proving airflow

  4. Wiping furniture with antibacterial sprays

We're hoping that it never gets to a point where we have to close down the office, however, plan on using our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Blog etc) to inform members on updates, future events, pictures showcasing the office space etc in the case that we do have to close our doors. Some of our events including a workshop introducing a miso factory has already taken place online where participants joined via Zoom. There were initially a few technical difficulties, however, ran smoothly by the time we finished.

We have also embraced our child-friendly workspace policy as we want to support parents who have children who's schools are currently closed due to the virus.
We're providing toys, pens, and large drawing paper (recycled and provided by Fujiwara Printing Co.Ltd).

We hope that by keeping our office open, we provide some aspect of normality during this turbulent time.

Pauline Roussel Pauline Roussel CEO at Coworkies

Thanks Jas for sharing what you've done in Fujimi, that's very helpful. I also wanted to share another message I received from a coworking space in Europe on what they did prior and when the lockdown has been announced:


Keep sharing what you did guys, it's so helpful to everyone!



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Mesya from b+office Coworking Space Berlin here :)
For our Coworkers: We have put guidelines from the government about handling Coronavirus on probably every walls in our space since 2 weeks ago and starting this week we only allow our regular members to work in the space in order to keep the space from being too packed and also change our opening hours to from 9am til 1 pm. Hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found but thank you for the recipe! Will definitely try to make it.

And for our staffs: Everyone except the reception is doing home office (Thankful for Trello and E-Mails of course!) and the reception is available according the business hours.

Also, we keep in close contact with our staffs and coworkers to keep being updated in case someone falls sick.

We are hoping that this situation would come to an end soon and everything could go back to the way it was again. However for now, we really are just hoping everyone to stay healthy :)