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Communications Storytelling Internship (ES)
📍 Madrid, Spain


[Expired] - Communications Storytelling Internship (ES)

Coworking Space:
Madrid, Spain C/ Duque de Rivas 5 28012 Madrid. Spain

Wikifactory is a social platform for Collaborative Product Development. We connect product developers* with each other and the tools to accelerate their work. *Call it makers, designers,
engineers, hardware developers and, more in generally, creative problem-solvers. Inspired by the proven collaboration tools from the open source software world, built for the needs of product development from the ground up. From robotics to furniture, clay 3D printing to prosthetics,
bio-tech to aeroponics - we're a fast growing community using Wikifactory to collaborate together on solutions that could solve the world's most pressing challenges.

The Role
Over the next 6 months Wikifactory will be boosting the storytelling and communications of our innovative and inspiring international community of product developers. We power incredible teams and communities working on the leading edge of product innovation and we want to help curate and promote their stories to the rest of the world. This is not innovation
behind closed doors, and you can get involved!

You will be playing a supportive role in (1) engaging our community to develop engaging user-stories, (2) curating thought-provoking pieces about the future of design and production, (3) sharing the most exciting content on social media; (4) preparing Press Releases for our media contacts to feature our community.

If you are excited about the coming 4th Industrial Revolution and want to take initiative in an area, this is unparalleled opportunity to develop skills in copywriting and storytelling in science and innovation.


  • Proficient English speaking and writing skills
  • A fascination with digital fabrication technologies or interest in hardware development
  • Knowledge about open source design/hardware
  • Effective online research skills in gathering qualitative and quantitative information for copy writing


  • University degree or equivalent in design, architecture, engineering or in creative industries in general
  • Experience in taking a design to final product, either your own digital fabrication project or replicating an existing open source design/hardware project
  • Involved or member of a maker community
  • Experience in digital marketing platforms like Buffer for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Experience in using project management tools like Slack, Notion
  • Experience in using graphic design and publishing software, i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign.
  • Experience in developing Press Releases and engaging with press contacts.

Why work at Wikifactory

  • Get experience in writing copy and articles about a disruptive technology area that is impacting every product industry and furthering social, environmental and humanitarian causes.
  • Nurture your passion in technology, innovation and digital fabrication, and we will cover the costs of digitally fabricating your design to prototype
  • International team with a broad range of expertise Informática.
  • Indicado Idiomas: Inglés alto
  • Localidad: Madrid, España
  • Jornada de trabajo: Horario de Mañanas o tardes
  • Contrato de trabajo: Convenio de Prácticas (Estudiantes)
  • Remuneración: Hasta 300 euros/mes
Full time