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Pauline Roussel

Launching Hack Coworking Online

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Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many coworking spaces have been impacted globally, having to shut fully or partially their doors. This unexpected crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty both for coworking spaces operators and coworking members.

After 2 months of lockdown, the situation is slowly changing and spaces from various regions of the world are now able to re-open their doors. But, COVID-19 has left in the air many pending questions and fears which need to be addressed in order to (re)build safe and trustworthy work environments.

How to do that?

We've decided to adapt our global member-driven innovation event series Hack Coworking and transform it into Hack Coworking Online, a 3-day experience open to coworking communities from all over the world as well as anyone interested in co-creating the future of work and workspaces of the "post-COVID-19 era".

What will happen during the event?

The event will combine a hackathon together with interactive sessions where participants will have the opportunity to engage, share experiences and co-create around 3 main tracks:

  • Work with a focus on products and services allowing coworking users to get jobs, gigs, and/or develop their skills.

  • Safety and Access looking at health in the workplace, interior design through the shift COVID-19 will bring to workspaces and access systems technologies that can help coworking spaces building more trust in their space.

  • "Coworking Extended" discussing the future of virtual coworking and how it can integrate into the physical space, events, and what's needed to ensure safety, as well as education and the role coworking spaces, can play in educating themselves, their members and their cities.

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Adarsh Mathuri

The nice initiative taken by your co-working. Really liked it.


ra yan

Strong personality, I wish you success with my best regards